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 Enjoy the most splendid illustrated catalogues from the best auctionhouses in the world. Huizer Books sells auctioncatalogues already more than 23 years worldwide. Most of our catalogues are new and are sent to you extremely well-packed.

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We ship by POSTNL Netherland.

Last update: December, 2020.

By the postal rates changes again per January 1st. 2021, we have opted for a cheaper way of sending, namely without track and trace!; This implies that the rates are cheaper. If you still prefer shipping with track and trace check our list below.

****Surcharge PACKAGES destinations outside the EU!!!!!

There is still a surcharge on packages for all destinations outside the EU. These destinations are difficult to reach since the corona virus has largely shut down international air traffic. This means that logistics companies such as PostNL have to look for other forms of transport. This often involves extra costs, which means that PostNl is forced to charge a surcharge. the surcharge has already been included in the stated rates!!

Feel free to shop as long as you want.

eBay automatically will send you an invoice after each item you’ve purchased. When buying multiple items please await our invoice with combined shipping costs.

Shippingcosts :

Category 2. For an envelop till 2 kilo. Fitting through mailbox

Worldwide : US$ 13,10 * priority mail (with track and trace US$ 27,10)

Europe: Zone 1*: US$ 13,10 priority mail (US$ 17,65 with track/trace)

Zone 2**: US$ 13,10 priority mail (US$ 20,45 with track/trace)

Netherland: US$ 6,30

Category 3 . For a package till 2 kilo incl. packingmaterial. (not through mailbox!)

Worldwide**** : US$ 32,30 priority mail (US$ 41,15 with track/trace)

Europe: Zone 1*: US$ 13,10 (US$ 18,25 with track/trace)

Zone 2**: US$ 16,85 (US$ 26,-- with track/trace)

Netherland: US$ 10,20

Category 4. For a package above 2 kilo incl. packingmaterial (till 5 kilo).

Worldwide**** : US$ 65,75 with track/trace

Europe: Zone 1*: US$ 27,40 with track/trace

Zone 2**: US$ 35,10 with track/trace

Netherland: US$ 10,20 (till 10 kilo)

Category 5. For a package above 5 kilo incl. packingmaterial (till 10 kilo).


* Zone 1:

België, Denemarken (excl. Faeröer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Luxemburg, Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische Eilanden), , Zweden.

**zone 2:

Bulgarije, Estland, Finland, Hongarije, Ierland, Kroatië, Letland, Litouwen, Polen, Portugal (incl. Azoren en Madeira), Roemenië, Slovenië, Slowakije, Tsjechië Albanië, Andorra, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, Faeröer Eilanden, Griekenland, Groenland, IJsland, de Kanaaleilanden, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonië, Malta, Moldavië, Montenegro, Noorwegen, Oekraïne, San Marino, Servië, Turkije, Vaticaanstad, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Wit-Rusland, Zwitserland.


All other countries (incl. Rusland).

For more combined shippingcosts, please don't hesitate to contact us !!