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 Welcome to my eBay Shop Johncamilla Records! Supporting & Selling Records since 2008 all over the world, with a great reputation on Ebay & a growing reputation on Discogs. Selling Dance, Trance, Techno, Downtempo, House, Hip Hop, RnB, Garage, Old Skool, Classics, Jazz, Pop, Country, Rock & more!

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  • Vinyl Grading
Combined Postage
U.K - 12"/LP £2.99 (1st Record) then 50p for each record after that.

7" £1.75 (1st Record) then 25p each record after that.

All Europe, European Union, France, Germany, Ireland - 12"/LP £6.99 (1st Record) then £1.75 for each record after.

7" £5.25 (1st Record) then 50p for each record after that.

North & South America, United States, Asia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico - 12"/LP £10.49 (1st Record) then £2.99 for each record after.

7" £6.75 (1st Record) then 75p each record after that.


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Johncamilla Records takes a serious approach to vinyl grading, and we base our grading system on the Goldmine Standard for vinyl record grading. Our vinyl grading goals are simple: We want to be as detailed and conservative as possible, so that you are happy with your purchase from us. We use an interpretation of the Goldmine Standard to grade each and every record that we list for sale.

Making sure you get your record/s safely is important to us so we always send your record/s in a Brand New Record Mailer with 2 Stiffeners, Fragile tape & a Fragile sticker!

We check for scuffs, scratches, warps, skips, stickers, writing and all other defects on the vinyl. A grade is given , and any notables are listed in comments. Records are strictly graded by the standards below and are guaranteed to be in the condition described.


Vinyl Record Grading:


MINT (M) A record that has never been played and is perfect in every way.

Any still sealed record is assumed mint. Mint grades are seldom given, since it is so rare that items are without any visible flaw.


NEAR MINT (M-) A record that has not been used, or shows very little evidence of use.

A near mint record may have one or two minor scratches or marks that are only found if examined closely. The vinyl will appear clean and glossy, and will typically have been played only once or twice. Near mint vinyl will sound better than a CD when played through a quality audio setup.


VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) A record that shows a few minor signs of use.

Very Good Plus grade vinyl typically has a few minor scratches or marks that can be seen on the surface. The vinyl appears mostly clean and glossy, though it does show a little minor wear and tear. For many rare titles, very good plus is the highest grade available in the marketplace. Count on typically outstanding sound quality from the very good plus grade, and look for minimal, if any, audible clicks or pops.


VERY GOOD (VG) A record that shows moderate signs of use, and has been played many times, but not abused.

A very good grade vinyl will have multiple scratches and scuffs all over the surface, but no severe marks. Very good copies have been used a lot already, but they have plenty of life left. Record playback will be of decent quality overall, mostly quite good, but may crackle, pop or hiss in spots. Audible problems will not recur continuously and will not be so distracting that they are louder than the music.


GOOD (G) A record that shows moderate to heavy signs of use, yet still is playable.

Vinyl that has a grade of good will have numerous scratches and scuffs, some severe, and they will appear all over the record without much examination. Good copies have been used and maybe even abused a little. Audible pops and crackling is likely, perhaps some background noise, but overall, the copy is still listenable and playable in most cases. Good records should not skip and should play all the way through, despite a few audible problems.


FAIR (F) A record that shows multiple signs of heavy use and abuse.

Fair is the lowest grade we sell (the only lower grade would be poor). Look for multiple scratches and scuffs, many severe, appearing all over the record without examination. Fair copies will have background noise with crackling, popping and hissing and other problems. Still should play through most parts OK, and should not skip too often. A filler copy until you can find a better one.


Vinyl Grading Notes:

-Vinyl is graded by eyesight