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Kontrol Sports USA

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 We sell sunglasses & prescription eyeglasses / sun glasses with Rx adapter, safety glasses, eye goggles, quality eyewear. Also a new line of wrist watches, dials & hands to mod your Seiko. We use Dragonshroud Mods brand for mod parts.
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Kontrol Sports Featured Items.
Prescription Sunglasses
Sports Sunglasses for Eyeglass Wearers - comes with removable prescription adapter for your own Rx lens. Click to view full Rx range.
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Revolutionary Grimalid TR90 nylon resin creates a sunglass with dimensional stability in a resilient & super light weight frame that can withstand extreme temperatures. Extremely flexible, infusing a 'tough to break' quality. Seeing is believing, see below photo! Grimalid frames are made for speed sports where flexibilty is needed for 'windflow' - they also mould to your own head shape over time, especially useful if you wear a helmet. Grimalid displays exceptional resistance to erosion from sun lotions. Click to view full Grimalid range. Click Here

Super Flex Grimalid Frames