Kontrol Sports USA

Kontrol Sports USA

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 We sell sunglasses & prescription eyeglasses / sun glasses with Rx adapter, safety glasses, eye goggles, quality eyewear. Also a new line of wrist watches, dials & hands to mod your Seiko. We use Dragonshroud Mods brand for mod parts.
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Standard Lenses                       1.6 Lenses                           1.67 Lenses
Sphere : -10.00 to +6.00              Sphere : -10.00 to +9.00        Sphere : -10.00 to +9.00
Cylinder : +/- 3.00                       Cylinder : +/- 4.00                  Cylinder : +/- 4.00            

1.74 Lenses   NOT RECOMMENDED.

PICTURES OF MOONDOG II being worn with the adapter

PICTURES OF GELSHOCK being worn with the adapter

Kontrol offers lines of fashion, sports & protective sunglasses - but we take it one  step further than other brands by reaching the vast number of people who cannot avail of these sunglasses because they wear prescription eyeglasses. We offer this huge market, a stylish but affordable prescription adapter so they too can wear sports fashion glasses without compromising their vision.